Juicy little bits...

Gossip. It’s everywhere and it’s an indulgence, right? Why is it so easy to get caught up in other people’s business? And why do we secretly cheer when something embarrassing happens to someone else?

We are surrounded by gossip all day long and it’s a part of our culture: social media, gossip magazines, and juicy workplace conversations. It can feel really good to be “in the know” and be the person people come to for the scoop. It can make you feel important. And of course, we always love it when we are the topic of the conversations going around…

Um, no.

What if you could see yourself the way others see you? Would it make you think twice about how you come across when you gossip?

My friend Taylor knows that we work with stylists and she shared how uncomfortable she was the last time she got her hair cut. “My stylist did nothing but talk trash about her previous client. It makes me wonder what she said about me after I left.”

Gossiping and talking negatively can lead to several consequences.

  1. You can’t be trusted.

  2. It reveals how you think about yourself.

  3. It can lead to loss of friendships….and paying clients.

A Conscious Stylist masters their personal power by knowing the impact of their words. Even if the person you’re gossiping about never hears what you say about them, it colors the way you interact with them the next time you see them and is very disrespectful. A Conscious Stylist takes a different path. If a co-worker does something they don’t like, they will make a request directly to them instead of talking behind their back. If a client reveals that their spouse cheated on them, they don’t spread that to the salon, but instead offer compassion and a listening, confidential ear. If they hear gossip, they don’t participate and don’t repeat.

As humans, we sometimes struggle with the need for approval from those around us. Gossip can sometimes appear like a way to get it. But wouldn’t you really rather be respected as the professional you are, instead of being viewed with caution? Your words are your choice, choose them wisely. Make your life a no-gossip zone.

Sarah Frederick