Trust Power Moves

Four Ways to Build Trust With Your Clients (and increase your income in the process.)

Why is building trust important in your client (and co-worker) relationships? Very simple. Clients who don’t trust you won’t come back. And repeat business is what creates a healthy income for you. So often, however, many stylists do things unknowingly that bruise trust over time. Let’s take a look at how you can build trust and keep your client base strong.

1.     Keep your word. Knowing that someone can count on you to do what you say you are going to do is the number one element in building trust. Did you offer to help out a co-worker and then forget to follow through? Being dependable increases respect and allows clients to relax and be more open to your suggestions.

2.     Practice sincerity. Can’t you tell a mile away when someone doesn’t mean what they are saying? It’s human nature to think that we can “see” others clearly but that others can’t “see” us. Practicing sincerity may mean that if a client wants a treatment that you know won’t suit them, don’t be afraid to be honest with them and suggest an alternative.

3.     Polish your craft. Stay on top of trends and new techniques, and take some time to look ahead to your appointments and recommend the new treatments to your upcoming clients. Your clients appreciate hearing about your ongoing classes because it tells them you care enough to invest time in making them look good.

4.     Stay mindful with your clients. Nothing says “You are important to me” than keeping the focus of your attention on your client, instead of checking your phone or allowing interruptions. Actively listen to what your client is saying, and engage them with questions or comments.  Our society is so busy that giving someone the gift of your full attention will make you stand out as a stylist.