Uplift Your Mood

You’ve just gotten to the salon and you’re looking forward to your first client: someone you’ve known for years and really enjoy. You’re excited about today because next week you’ll be on vacation and you’re booked solid this week.

 And then.

The stylist who has the chair next to you has walked in and is scowling, throwing their tools around and bitching about how hard it is to please their first client. Your shoulders slump because you know it’s going to be a long day.

It’s been said that our moods walk in the door ahead of us. And they certainly seem to be contagious! So how do you stay positive and not let someone else’s bad day become yours?

What a Conscious Stylist knows is that moods are shiftable. We have the ability to change them. We have tools that we can use to help turn a negative mood into a one that’s more beneficial to our current situation. So what are they?

·      Take several deep breaths. When we get aggravated, frustrated or anxious, we can either tend to breathe shallowly or hold our breath. That tells our nervous system that we may need to fight or flee, and pretty soon, we start finding fault with everything and everybody. So when you find yourself being irritated with what’s going on, take a deep breath and let the exhale be twice as long as the inhale. Repeat at least three times, and feel your body and your perspective relax.

·      Listen to some favorite music. Take a quick bathroom break and listen to your favorite uplifting song. Dance like crazy or stretch out all your limbs to help your body break the mood’s hold.

·      Talk with a friend. I can get really stuck in the way I look at something. My story about what’s going on can seem quite real. And yet I know that there is always another way to look at a situation, and asking a friend for a different take on what’s going on can help me shift my mood into one that’s more peaceful.

·      Practice compassion. We rarely know exactly what another person is going through, and while it can be tempting to think that people do what they do simply to annoy us, that’s not the case in reality. Very often, negative behavior from someone else is an indication that they are in pain. Offer compassion even if you don’t know what’s going on with them.

·      Thank someone. When life gets fast, it’s easy to get wrapped up in ourselves and what we think we may not be getting, instead of what we have. A Conscious Stylist takes the time to look around and appreciate what others have done for them. Think about how nice it feels when someone notices what you do and thanks you for it. Give that gift to them…and you’ll benefit, too.