Sarah Stockwell Frederick

Co Founder


I’m a fifteen year beauty industry veteran. I’m a barber and I’ve worked every position in a salon, from front desk to stylist to manager. My husband has owned a large salon for over 30 years so I also understand an owner’s perspective very well. I started The Conscious Stylist because I think it’s crucially important to start conversations and learn from each other. Each one of us has valuable insights, and I wanted to create a space for all hairdressers to be able to share that knowledge and experience. I’ve been through lots of messes, made tons of mistakes, and know that there is a lot of emotion and drama that can be very distracting in the beauty industry. I believe there are some core essences that connect us all as humans and if we begin to focus on the commonalities that connect us instead of the differences that divide us, life will be more meaningful. I believe that hairdressers becoming more aware of their potential as connectors will make the world (and the beauty industry) more respectful and non-judgemental.


I was offered a job in the salon industry at the very beginning of my career… a management position for industry leader Sam Brocato. I turned down that position to follow my path down radio, television and video production, but the appeal of the beauty industry never left me. By the time I met Sarah I had also honed my passion for empowering others by mastering a communication model called ontology, or Way of Being. I’m now a certified coach in this method, which is perfectly suited to help stylists gain insights that are so important to success and human connection.


Melinda Walsh

Co Founder


More about us…

Sarah: I’m an artist in my spare time. I collect crystals, stones, natural things (like insects and antlers and feathers) and create art and jewelry with all of it. I’m a metaphysical girl ;-)

Melinda: My voice has been heard on over 20,000 audio projects, like radio or TV spots.

S: I have Type 1 Diabetes. I came close to dying at age 29 and have been insulin dependent since the day of my diagnosis. Life changing for sure.

M: I’ve done the flying trapeze and dance in an all female krewe for Mardi Gras parades.

S: I’m an aerial artist (intermediate level); I play on silks and lyra. Great workout!

M: Susan Sarandon listened to a tape of me speaking so she could prep for her role in Dead Man Walking.

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Have you ever cried with a client?